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On July 3, SpaceX launched an Ethereum node to the International Space Station (ISS). SpaceChain said it has contracted SpaceX to deliver the node to the International Space Station using a Falcon 9 rocket. Once the node is connected to the International Space Station, Australia’s digital asset management foundation Nexus will have direct access to the node.

This is the fourth time that SpaceChain has launched anything related to blockchain and cryptocurrency into space. In addition, SpaceX will also use its Falcon 9 rocket for another flight to the International Space Station on June 24 with three nodes for Biteeu, Divine and Nexus Inc.

The node is used to validate transactions for each Ethereum block, keep the network secure, and ensure data accuracy. The integration of the node with the ISS means that the Ethereum blockchain has become even safer and more reliable, and SpaceChain customers can use the Ethereum blockchain for anything, such as storing coins or decentralized applications.

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