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The acquisition of the Steem platform by Justin SUN is still displeasing in the community — especially the decisions about which he often does not inform community members.

Against this background, the popular decentralized app on the Steem blockchain, the card game called Splinterlands, has switched to the Hive blockchain. During May, the Steem Splinterlands version had 4,750 daily active wallets. According to DappRadar, a metric site for decentralized applications, after switching to Hive on June 2, 4829 active unique wallets were registered in Splinterlands.

Hive outperformed Steem in the number of transactions. At the moment, the number of transactions in the Steem blockchain is less than 400,000, previously the figure exceeded the mark of 600,000. Recall that the hard fork of the Steem blockchain was caused by a conflict in the community. As a result, many disgruntled community members switched to the Hive blockchain, and those who remained on the Steem blockchain decided to block tokens for the safe side.

Image courtesy: Splinterlands

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