10 February 2020 11:46, UTC

Anna Martynova

The Pohang University of Science and Technology issues diplomas on blockchain to graduates this year. A possible cause could be coronavirus: as a result of an outbreak, graduation ceremony had to be canceled. Despite the epidemic and the ceremony cancellation, 828 new graduates of the Pohang University of Science and Technology receive a QR-code that refers to the diploma certificate provided by the blockchain.

A university representative told the South Korean MBN channel how graduates can get a diploma:

“In the aftermath of the new corona, it is impossible to hold the graduation on time, so even if a student does not go to school and receive a diploma, he or she can get a digital degree that is secured by blockchain technology.”

Blockchain diplomas are quite popular today. In 2017, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) began using blockchain to register diplomas, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology also switched to blockchain diplomas in 2019.

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Diplomas issued on the blockchain do not allow faking a diploma, qualification or degree. Blockchain diplomas were developed and issued by ICONLOOP. Employers are able to find and verify graduates, their degree and qualifications in the database that the company provides.

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