26 December 2019 12:37, UTC

Denis Goncharenko

The number of scientific articles about Bitcoin on the Internet has grown: there are currently more than 13,700 articles on Google Scholar.

In 2011, 218 scientific articles mentioning Bitcoin were published on the Google Scholar platform; their number doubled the following year, and in 2013 the number of scientific articles doubled again. Since 2014, when 2,070 scientific articles were recorded on the Internet, the number has increased by 561% up to the current date.

Research related to cryptocurrency continues to create a huge supply of knowledge. Published documents helped set standards and confirm facts and the results of network testing, as well as solve problems with distributed ledger technology. Many Google Scholar articles have called technology a waste of resources, while other studies have detailed how blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions can revolutionize the world of finance.

It should also be noted that academic articles were published on behalf of famous universities such as Duke, Princeton, Lund University, Cornell, Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, etc. Besides these institutions, scientific articles are written by governments, financial institutions, central banks and economists.

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