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Fast food chain Taco Bell sold its first batch of Taco-themed digital collectibles on the Rarible NFT marketplace, and they were sold out instantly. Tacos were sold as non-fungible tokens (NFT), unique digital items that were presented as GIFs, illustrations, or short video clips.

The company tweeted:

“Our Spicy Potato Soft Tacos can now live in your hearts, stomachs and digital wallets.”

Taco Bell created five different NFTs and sold them in batches of five. The collectibles were listed for sale for 0.001 ETH ($1.79), which is pretty cheap in terms of NFT sales. However, the company will receive 0.01% of future sales, and all proceeds will go to the Taco Bell Foundation, which is focused on helping young people find a career.

In recent months, a number of major brands have launched their own digital collectibles using NFT. The NBA Top Shot series turns basketball league highlights into non-fungible tokens, with daily trading volume reaching $32 mln last month.

Image: InvestorPlace

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