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Tether’s largest stable coin by market capitalization (USDT) currently takes the fourth place in the crypto capitalization rating. Tether’s circulating supply (USDT) exceeded $5.3 billion. Last Thursday, during the depreciation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Tether again performed as a key safe-haven asset in the crypto market. Investors converted risky assets into stablecoins.

The performance of some other stablecoins tied to fiat currencies also increased significantly. For example, USDC, the main competitor to Tether, increased its circulating supply by 31% from March 10-15. If Tether’s circulating supply continues to grow at the same fast pace, it has every chance of becoming the third largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum, bypassing XRP.

During the recent sale on the market, the price of XRP fell to $0.11. Cryptocurrency is currently trading at around $0.1428, with a capitalization of almost $6.3 billion.

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