12 December 2019 09:00, UTC

Denis Goncharenko

During a conference on Tuesday, December 10th, the majority leader of the state of California, Ian CALDERON mentioned that the adoption of the blockchain technology, as well as its legal definition, are of utmost importance to the state in 2020.

Considering that this is the most populous US state talking so fondly about the blockchain, it’s only natural to say that it could be a huge deal for the whole country overall. 40 million people in just one state are able to classify themselves as the 5th largest economy were they to be an independent nation.

We already have the second-largest economy (China) focusing its efforts on developing the blockchain as much as possible in the coming years, which pretty much guarantees global adoption.

However, the bill for this specific research was introduced way before Calderon spoke at the conference. On February 15th, 2018 the
Assembly Bill 2658 was introduced by the majority leader himself. This bill was supposed to commence intense research and analysis of blockchain tech in the local economy. Having Calderon push this agenda again is a direct hint that the state of California will be blockchain-friendly starting next year.

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