20 February 2020 13:41, UTC

Anna Martynova

Tim DRAPER, an investor, billionaire and Bitcoin advocate, bought 1 million ANT tokens. Aragon blockchain startup aims to create the first digital jurisdiction. Thus, the project plans to “decentralize power” by creating a blockchain-based judiciary to resolve disputes. Investors with a balance of more than 1000 ANT tokens can take part in judicial voting.

At the time of writing, the number of ANT tokens owned by Tim Draper is $846,000. In addition, the investor has joined the Aragon project advisory board. It is also worth reminding that Tim Draper previously invested in other blockchain projects and his confidence in the success of Bitcoin today remains the same. Draper is confident that by 2023, the value of Bitcoin will reach $250,000.

Aragon Association Executive Director Luis CUENDE believes that a possible reason for Tim Draper to join the community was his confidence in the product: the first test trial was already held as part of the roadmap of the project.

Image courtesy of Bitcoin.pl

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