02 October 2019 12:12, UTC

Trustee Mt.Gox Nobuaki KOBAYASHI contacted the US Department of Justice to obtain information about Alexander Vinnik, who allegedly played an important role in laundering stolen funds from the exchange which went bankrupt.

The manager asked for details of the investigation on the infamous BTC-e exchange, with Russian roots. Alexander VINNIK, presumably was its operator. He was arrested in the summer of 2017 at the request of the United States and is currently held in prison in Greece.

Earlier, Kobayashi filed a civil lawsuit for $100 million against Vinnik, claiming that he was engaged in an unregistered business in the field of finance and could not prevent money laundering.

22-04-2019 17:26:57  |   News

Over the past six months, the trustee team has burned through about $1.5 million (155 million Japanese yen) and has now managed to recover about $ 644 million (69.4 billion Japanese yen) of previously lost funds. Mt.Gox creditors are due to meet the trustee again in March 2020..

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