12 December 2019 15:04, UTC

Denis Goncharenko

Twitter CEO Jack DORSEY said he wants to create an open standard for decentralized social networks. The goal is to make Twitter itself conform to this standard:

The team is led by Twitter CTO Parag AGRAWAL, and the project will be called Bluesky. In his statement, Dorsey also highlighted a number of challenges that centralized social network projects face nowadays. This can be described as some of the problems of Web2, the current network we use today. In a series of tweets, he noted the principle of decentralization and key technologies, such as blockchain, as a solution — which, in fact, are the elements of Web3.

The leader of the project himself hopes that the developments will go beyond just creating an open standard for decentralized social networks, ultimately establishing a community around it as well. He added that this process could take several years.

Image courtesy of Business Insider

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