18 January 2021 11:40, UTC

Anna Martynova

Twitter CEO Jack DORSEY has been talking about decentralizing social platforms for quite some time. He became even more convinced of this after social networks decided to block Donald Trump’s accounts. However, he is not the only one who thinks so. Charles HOSKINSON said that Cardano (ADA) will help with that.

Twitter is already working to decentralize its platform by creating a new decentralized social media standard. The new standard is called Bluesky and has been in development since December 2019. Jack Dorsey says he wants Twitter to be more like Bitcoin (BTC) rather than being controlled or influenced by any person or entity.

The idea began to gain support from the crypto industry as Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson hinted at similar plans in response to a statement from the head of Twitter. He urges Dorsey not to develop a new standard in-house, but to make it open and allow the entire crypto industry to contribute.

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