16 January 2020 11:16, UTC

Sanctions experts have almost
unilaterally agreed that going to the North Korean crypto conference scheduled for February 15th would be a serious blow to the trustworthiness of attendees and their adherence to international law.

Although this was not remarked directly, the UN was pretty clear on its undertone message. North Korea has been subject to extensive sanctions in the past couple of years from the United Nations due to illegal nuclear missile testing and the violation of human rights within the country.

The first scandal about a North Korean crypto conference happened earlier in 2019 when one of the co-founders of the Ethereum blockchain, Virgil GRIFFITH was arrested after his attendance in April. UN researches note that attendance at the conference could lead to additional blockchain information for the North Koreans, who have been accused of serious data encroachments on their neighboring South Korea in the past.

Griffith has already been told that his attendance at the conference gave North Korea the blockchain knowledge it has now, which means that international lawmakers will do anything to prevent more information from seeping in. The official
website of the conference invites delegates from all over the world except South Korea, Japan, and Israel. Even US citizens will be let into the country with the correct pass.

Image courtesy of Coin Revolution

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