16 January 2020 13:00, UTC

Denis Goncharenko

The creation of a “national” mining pool was declared a priority in Uzbekistan. Miners who join the pool will receive lower electricity rates, the National Agency of Project Management announced.

According to local media, the main reason to create a mining pool is to ensure economic efficiency and increase the transparency and security of cryptocurrency mining in the country. NAPM believes that this will increase energy efficiency in this sector and make the former Soviet republic more attractive to foreign investors.
One of the important results is the launch of the first licensed crypto exchange. National mining pool, licensed crypto-exchange will help to remove miners from the shadow economy and make the cryptocurrency market as transparent as possible.

26-12-2019 16:44:54  |   News

Recall that earlier Uzbekistan restricted the cryptocurrency trading on its territory — this move shocked crypto enthusiasts who expected a more loyal approach.

Image courtesy of Daily Coin

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