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The Finnish cruise-ferry company Viking Line was the first to prove the readiness of 6 terminals and 7 ships for transportation after shutdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. To do this, the partner company DNV GL launched the VeChainThor-based My Care solution for managing the risk of coronavirus infection in ships.

According to the press release, DNV GL believes that coronavirus requires new approaches to reduce the impact of the disease within the marine sector, although this blockchain solution can be applied not only in shipping. Experts believe that actively informing about measures to prevent and reduce the risk of infection through My Care can help companies regain the trust of passengers, employees and other interested parties.

Earlier, Chinese companies integrated VeChain Blockchain for food tracking. However, VeChain finds a use for its blockchain solutions in other areas of the economy: in the agricultural industry, as well as in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Image courtesy of Viru Prospekt

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