12 August 2020 15:00, UTC

Anna Martynova

A vulnerability has been discovered in the Tor browser network, with the help of which criminals have the ability to steal users’ cryptocurrencies. Initially, Tor was developed by the US government for anonymous Internet communication. Due to its privacy features, it is also popular among Darknet users. And of course, many in the crypto community entrust Tor with their bitcoin transactions.

However, according to a cryptanalyst under the pseudonym Nusenu who discovered this attack, this browser may not be the best choice for cryptocurrency holders. The malicious Tor exit relays performed what was called a person-in-the-middle attack. This is a known vulnerability and countermeasures exist. However, many website operators do not implement them. It is known that cybercriminals were primarily focused on websites related to cryptocurrencies. They replaced the user’s bitcoin address with their own, thus sending the coins into their wallets.

The number of hacker-controlled relays had dropped to about 10% as of August. It is currently unknown how many bitcoins have already been stolen by hackers.

Image: 3dnews

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