04 February 2020 13:58, UTC

Anna Martynova

The Waves Association, a non-profit charitable organization, has opened its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. Its goal is to develop blockchain ecosystems, Web3, stimulate the development of decentralized technologies.

Priorities and directions of development of Waves technology will be determined through a decentralized voting process at the meetings of the Association. For maximum transparency and decentralization, as well as stimulating the community, it is planned to introduce DAO- blockchain mechanisms.

Six countries have already joined the Waves Association: Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia. The goals set by the Association are:

  • Control. Implementation of blockchain solutions, such as voting on all major issues and updates, as well as the management development by means of DAO.
  • Development technology. Support and development of the Waves protocol and infrastructure.
  • Toolkit development. The ability to create what the community needs, allowing anyone to create applications and find options of using ecosystem technologies and tools.
  • Research and education. Collaboration with universities, research centers, companies and governments in Europe and around the world.

One of the leading international law firms WINHELLER has become a consultant to the Association and will create its charter.

Image courtesy of Wavesassociation.org

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