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Waves Enterprise and Microsoft’s Russian office have agreed on strategic cooperation in the areas of corporate blockchain solutions and cloud technologies. The two companies have signed a memorandum on joint development of corporate blockchain in Russia.

Waves Enterprise will be able to actively use and integrate with Microsoft Azure cloud technologies for joint initiatives aimed at the adoption of corporate blockchain solutions. Thus, a new application model for blockchain and solutions based on this integration will be available — Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS). The main application scenarios for BaaS include supply chain optimization, data notary and tokenization of industrial assets.

Under the agreement, Waves Enterprise will be added to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, which will make Waves Enterprise products available for a wide range of companies in, not only Russia, but also worldwide, within Microsoft’s global cloud ecosystem. Meanwhile, the deployment of solutions from the cloud will make the rollout process faster and cheaper as it requires no extra costs for a company’s own infrastructure or for fine-tuning.

The memorandum also stipulates the inclusion of Waves Enterprise to Microsoft Azure Stack Hub. This will enable businesses to implement hybrid cloud scenarios and deploy the Waves Enterprise corporate blockchain’s node in a company’s own infrastructure in the Azure Stack environment. Under the five-year agreement, the companies will also jointly develop scenarios allowing businesses to use the blockchain technology for optimizing corporate processes.

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