18 November 2020 16:00, UTC

Anna Martynova

The price of WAVES for the week has increased by more than 13% after rising by 25% last week. This week’s high of $5.26 is a new record for a digital asset.

Waves will also create a pool of 1 mln Waves tokens – the program will include grants of up to 300,000 Waves to help build solutions for interoperability and chross-chain communication. The project will include three types of grants: open grants, hackathon grants, and Waves-focused grants.

According to Waves Association strategic advisor Sten LAUREYSSENS, open grants are available for a wide range of interoperability projects that do not need to be Waves-related. Waves is looking for creative solutions to connect existing blockchains and decentralized applications, Laureyssens added.

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