14 November 2019 15:02, UTC

Denis Goncharenko

In their latest tweet, Weiss Crypto Ratings defiantly praised Cardano, triggering a storm of crypto enthusiasts’ reactions. There was little explanation in this tweet other than promising additional details.

Naturally, a dispute ensued between supporters of competing projects. Some of the responses reproached Weiss for publishing such a high-profile statement without evidence.

The response from Weiss did not slow down, however:

Cardano is a layered smart contract and dApp platform that calls itself third generation. The first layer is a settlement layer that is responsible for handling cryptocurrency transactions using the native ADA token while the second layer handles the computing of smart contracts. It uses a proprietary modular proof of stake consensus algorithm known as Ouroboros.

Charles HOSKINSON, the leader of the project, detailed the update which explains how Cardano development is coming along on the path to decentralization. Shelly is a test environment where ADA users and developers can experiment with stake pools and help build up a collection of pools on Cardano.

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