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Several days ago, various options for returning funds to investors of the TON project were reported, which, as you know, were repeatedly delayed due to a violation of US financial law. Now the long-standing struggle with the authorities has ended: Pavel DUROV said that Telegram has suspended the development of TON blockchain and GRAM cryptocurrency.

According to the co-founder of Telegram, such a sharp turn in the company’s project was caused by the decision of the American court, and investors now have no way to get tokens. The American court also ruled that GRAM tokens should not be sold in other countries, because this will still give American investors the opportunity to invest in the token in other ways.

Durov is disappointed with the court decision and warns everyone about scammers who abuse the TON name. He made it clear that there would be no further development, all work was stopped. At the moment, there is a debate in the community about whether TON can be launched without the participation of Telegram. The question of returning funds to investors is still open as well.

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