A new tweet by meme lover and cryptocurrency advocate Elon Musk has again raised an enthusiastic reaction of the crypto community since it contained the word “hold.”

Musk has again published a meme in which various crypto enthusiasts found something close to them – this time it was the word “hold.”

“What are we holding onto?” – Elon Musk

Twitter (now in the process of being rebranded as X app) and the Tesla boss have published a meme featuring the “The Lord of The Rings” movie by Peter Jackson with the central characters, hobbits Frodo and Sam, talking. “What are we holding onto, Sam?” Frodo asks. “There is some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for,” Sam responds.

Multiple crypto enthusiasts instantly picked up on the word “hold,” so popular within the crypto community as the meme “hodl.” Prominent XRP enthusiast @XRPcryptowolf stated that “XRP is worth fighting for and holding,” followed by a “face with tears of Joy” emoji. Nexo crypto platform responded, saying “HODL all that is good.”

HODL all that is good.

— Nexo (@Nexo) October 16, 2023

Dogecoin cofounder Billy Markus, who uses the pseudonym Shibetoshi Nakamoto on Twitter, stated that he finds a lot of wise things in “The Lord of the Rings,” also posting a meme from the movie with the Aragorn character, who says, “Deeds will not be less valiant because they are unpraised.”

Recently, Musk has often triggered responses from the crypto community, and from enthusiasts of the XRP army in particular. This shows that the world’s wealthiest entrepreneur still has an excellent rapport with crypto lovers, and he keeps confirming it.

DOGE founder weighs in on recent Ferrari move with crypto

The aforementioned cofounder of the original meme coin DOGE, Billy Markus, commented on Saturday on the news of automobile giant Ferrari beginning to accept cryptocurrency payments for its luxury cars.

Ferrari now allows its U.S. customers to pay for sports cars in BTC, XRP and ETH. In response to the question of whether a Ferrari could be paid for with Dogecoin, Markus assumed that it is possible since Ferrari is accepting crypto payments through BitPay crypto payment processor.

This platform works with more than a dozen digital currencies, including DOGE and SHIB, apart from the aforementioned top coins.

Besides, Markus hinted that he does not believe in successful sales of Ferrari for crypto since he believes that most likely “all crypto people are broke.”

Still, Tesla and SpaceX have been selling their merchandise for a couple of years for DOGE, with prices incomparable to that of Ferrari.

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