Trust Wallet crypto wallet has redesigned the application and updated the user interface.

The changes will affect the logo, application design and functionality. The new slogan of the project is “Trust yourself.”

The idea behind the rebranding is to combine a simple and accessible interface with reliable functionality. Among other things, it is aimed at attracting a new wave of users to web3, the project team emphasized.

The new appearance of Trust Wallet is made in a two-color palette of Trust Blue and Green. All interfaces adapt to both light and dark modes.

As part of the UX/UI update, the Trust Wallet team has introduced improved navigation, providing easy access to features such as wallet switching and token discovery, as well as a new log type in the form of a shield, symbolizing the unprecedented level of security of all Trust Wallet applications.

Trust Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple blockchains. In 2018, Trust Wallet was acquired by the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

The crypto wallet has been downloaded more than 70 million times, it supports about 100 blockchains and offers a wide range of services such as staking of cryptocurrencies and cross-chain conversion .

Previously, another large exchange, Huobi, rebranded, changing its name to HTX in honor of ten years of operation.

“H” stands for Huobi, “T” stands for TRON, “X” stands for Exchange. If you look at the name HTX through the combination of HT and X, HT is the platform’s native token, and X symbolizes the exchange, the exchange representatives noted. The platform also has a new slogan, “HTX, Just Trade It.”

The cryptocurrency exchange plans to expand its business globally, entering new markets with “promising prospects in various countries and regions.”

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