The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has proposed standardized disclosure templates for major banking institutions regarding their crypto asset exposure, aiming for implementation by 2025.

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), an assembly of international banking regulators, unveiled draft guidelines on October 18 for the merge of traditional finance and digital assets. The proposal suggests that major banking institutions should disclose their exposure to crypto assets by 2025.

The BCBS believes that standardized disclosure templates will promote consistent information sharing across banks. This consistency will not only benefit the banks but will also provide market participants with a clearer view of financial institutions’ engagements in the crypto sector.

Under these guidelines, banks would be expected to offer qualitative information outlining their activities associated with crypto assets. Additionally, they would provide quantitative data that highlights their exposure to these digital assets, along with the associated capital and liquidity requirements.

Moreover, the guidelines advocate for banks to elucidate the accounting principles underpinning their crypto assets and liabilities. This initiative appears to be geared towards bringing clarity in a sector where accounting for crypto assets varies considerably among institutions.

While termed as “recommendations,” the BCBS’s guidelines historically bear significant influence. Nations affiliated with the Bank for International Settlements often weave these standards into their local regulatory fabric.

The Basel Committee’s foray into crypto regulations isn’t a new venture. In December 2022, they delineated rules pertaining to the capital reserves that banks should earmark for different crypto assets. Specifically, they cautioned that banks’ engagement with select crypto categories—comprising stablecoins, tokenized traditional assets and unbacked cryptocurrencies—should ideally remain under one percent and not exceed two percent.

The BCBS welcomes stakeholder feedback on this proposal until January 31, 2024. If endorsed, the financial world can expect these guidelines to roll out on January 1, 2025.

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