A new product from AptosOne, Graffio, has been released. In the form of NFTs, the platform provides users with a dedicated canvas to display their art. The announcement was made on Aptos Network’s official X/Twitter account. The network also introduced a step-by-step guide to help users get started with Graffio.


Aptos Network has simplified the process of creating art-based NFTs. However, in order to continue using Graffio, users must adhere to several rules set by Aptos. User creations should be polite and interesting, without any objectionable content. There are no gas fees if users log in via social media and create their Graffio wallet. It will take 24 hours for the canvas to become an NFT and go into the corresponding wallet.


Aptos Network boasts low fees, high throughput, sponsored transactions, and easy social login through Identity Connect. Aptos invited users to express their creativity on canvas, but the network will moderate the entire process. Aptos has the right to clear, moderate, or edit the canvas.

Image: Asia Crypto Today

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