Mudrex, a Bengaluru and San Francisco-based crypto investing platform, introduced Saber as a strategic move. The important startup accelerator Y-Combinator supports this development. Saber.Money provides personalized on-ramp and off-ramp services to Indian B2B clients.

Mudrex Gains International Certifications

Saber.Money is for apps that support fiat-to-crypto deposits and withdrawals. It offers efficient conversion rates and seamless integration. The platform supports IMPS, NEFT, UPI, and RTGS, allowing fast, compliant transactions in India.

Saber.Money’s focus on user-friendliness for companies integrating cryptocurrency is notable. FireDrops, an NFT Marketplace using Jump technology, is an early user. The user trades on Flipkart, IndiGG, Polygon, ANQ Finance, Colexion, Acme, and Rage Fan. These partnerships show businesses’ faith in Saber.Money’s quality and reliability.

According to a recent release, Mudrex achieved formal certification from Italy’s Organismo di Autodisciplina di Mezzi di Pagamento (OAM). Additionally, the firm has received FIU and VASP registrations in India and the EU. The certificates demonstrate Mudrex’s commitment to providing crypto services that meet international standards.

Mudrex CEO and Co-founder Edul Patel explained to Saber.Money’s origins. We realized the system built for internal requirements was capable. The launch of Saber.Money shows our dedication to helping businesses integrate cryptocurrencies using our expertise. Their firm is expanding Saber.Money globally to meet the rising need for such services in many nations.

IndiGG Founder Manish Agarwal Highlights Secure Payment Options

Mudrex’s strategic partnerships with major companies reinforce its commitment to improving crypto payment procedures for customers. Jump sees the advantages of Mudrex’s services for both customers and businesses. Trade on Flipkart’s relationship with FireDrops. Ravi Krishnan, Flipkart Labs, and Category Experiences manager, provided great insights on their collaboration. He stressed that this strategic alliance helps FireDrops users access simplified payment options. Mudrex’s strict compliance with regulations and dedication to customer security and confidence are in sync.

IndiGG founder Manish Agarwal says this connection has helped them offer a safe, customizable payment alternative. The cooperation makes transferring money to bank accounts easy for players.

Reliable, regulatory-compliant services are becoming increasingly important as cryptocurrencies gain popularity worldwide. Saber.Money’s strong dedication to regulatory standards, reliability, and global presence position it to influence the cryptocurrency market in India and maybe beyond.

Saber.Money shows that cryptocurrency payment integration services make cryptocurrency interactions easier and more efficient for businesses and consumers. Saber.Money’s quick and legal fiat-to-crypto transfers are helping cryptocurrencies grow in India and beyond.

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