XRP enthusiast wEeZiE draws attention to an old article written by Vitalik Buterin, where he admitted borrowing a concept from Ripple to solve the Ethereum scalability problem.


The article published in Bitcoin Magazine on January 23, 2014, saw Buterin admit that he borrowed Ethereum’s concept of a separate tree and transaction list from Ripple Labs.


Buterin said the concept helped mitigate Ethereum’s “scalability problem in all blockchain-based cryptocurrencies.” However, Buterin did not take credit for any Ethereum-related fundamental breakthrough at the time.

Notably, the article was shared by wEeZiE on the popular social media platform X. The XRP enthusiast emphasized the fact that Buterin borrowed a concept from Ripple Labs.

“[…] Wonder when he is gonna return it,” wEeZiE quizzed.

XRP Enthusiasts React

As expected, wEeZiE’s update prompted reactions among XRP enthusiasts. Some cryptocurrency fans used the medium to call for the arrest of people involved in the ETHGate scandal.

Every m*Fer involved in or around ethgate must be sentenced and jailed. Everytime new stories unfold regarding eth it makes my blood boil

— Tyrone Peter (@TyronePete25805) October 19, 2023

Another XRP enthusiast shared a meme humorously illustrating how the Ethereum founder created Ethereum. The picture depicts Buterin copying information from Ripple CTO David Schwartz.

Buterin’s Interest in Ripple

Buterin has not hidden his admiration for Ripple Labs. The prominent cryptocurrency entrepreneur acknowledged in a 2019 interview that he once sought an internship opportunity at Ripple back in 2013.

However, the United States government sabotaged Buterin’s efforts to work at Ripple by denying his visa application. As reported earlier, Matt Hamilton, former Ripple director of developer relations, also mentioned the incident during a debate on X.

Hamilton claimed that Buterin slept on Schwartz’s couch while making moves to work at the blockchain company.

Furthermore, early Ethereum adviser Steven Nerayoff also revealed that he once discussed Ripple with Buterin. Nerayoff, who has gone viral over his recent allegations about ETH early sales, said he used Ripple as an example of how a blockchain company should operate in the crypto industry.

The Ethereum adviser recounted how a top Ripple exec in a meeting delegated questions about XRP to another company representative. Per Nerayoff, the incident indicates that only one person in Ripple is allowed to talk about XRP.

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