Crypto analysts and their predictions play a vital role in the ever-fluctuating crypto space, as the future of virtual assets always remains a mystery. Lyn Alden, a prominent figure in the market, shared her long-term bullish beliefs on Bitcoin, arguing that the cryptocurrency would exhibit a remarkably positive trajectory after 2 years.

In a report published on October 13, Alden uncovered the “rising instability” in financial systems across the world, pointing out the necessity of restructuring the system. Providing a detailed idea of the history of the unstable financial economy, the analyst unveiled “three eras of financial instability.” While the “Internal Gold Standard” and the “Bretton Woods System” spanned from 1871 to 1914 and 1946 to 1971, respectively, the Dollar Reserve System, which began in 1971, continues till the present.

According to an X post by Chinese reporter Colin Wu, Lyn Alden holds a long-term positive perspective on both Bitcoin and gold. The tweet stated that in a global crackdown, Bitcoin would be able to remain resilient if there is “a handful of small jurisdictional footholds globally to form a decentralized base around, and they stand to profit.” Reciting Alden’s words, Wu wrote on X,

“I have a long-term positive view on gold and bitcoin given the prospect for fiscal problems ahead. I don’t have a firm view on the bitcoin price over the next six months, but I am bullish with a 2-year view and beyond.”

While analyzing the economic conditions of the United States, comparing previous years, Alden had been hailing the financial economy as “less kinetic.” However, in a recent post, she acknowledged, “It has become “more kinetic” lately.”

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