Recent messages from Shiba Inu lead Shytoshi Kusama on Telegram have sparked significant interest within the burgeoning community behind the popular meme coin.

The pseudonymous leader behind Shiba Inu hinted at engaging in discussions with “VERY important individuals” and prominent figures in the community for the project’s next phase.

Kusama stressed that he is determined to actively support the community’s growth and underscored efforts made towards bolstering platforms that serve the Shiba Inu community.

His intriguing mention that “sometimes silence is the best weapon” further fueled speculations about potential partnerships and major collaborations in the pipeline.

“Burns” and usage

Responding to concerns regarding the perceived low burn rates of the SHIB token, Kusama clarified the intrinsic connection between token usage and burns. “It isn’t about burn, it’s about usage,” he explained.

“Please understand the ‘burn’ increases as the use of Shibarium and Shib (and all tokens in the ecosystem) increase. So I’ve been looking for ways at a zoomed-out level to increase usage with others in our decentralized community,” the Shiba Inu lead further explained.

The McDonald’s question

When it comes to adoption, Kusama addressed the burgeoning query about Shiba Inu’s potential integration with major retailers such as McDonald’s and Burger King.

He pointed to SHIB’s acceptance across a myriad of retailers but also acknowledged the difficulties associated with systematizing such widespread payment integrations.

Alluding to discreet negotiations or strategies, Kusama hinted, “sometimes silence is the best weapon.”

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