In a recent development, two leading Chainlink (LINK) whales have started receiving dividends on their investments.

The first known cryptocurrency whale, with the short address 0x5ba, deposited 300 thousand LINK, equivalent to $3.13 million, to Binance at a price of $10.42 per LINK. This whale had previously accumulated 985,374 LINK worth 6.95 million USD from Binance on November 11, 2022, at an average price of only 7,051 USD per LINK.

Despite this latest deposit, the whale still holds 685,373 LINK worth 7.16 million USD. Whale made an estimated profit of $3.33 million from this investment in LINK, representing a return of +47.8%.

The second whale, known by the short address 0x312, deposited 382,161 LINK (worth $3.98 million) to Coinbase at $10,425 per LINK. This whale accumulated these LINK tokens from Coinbase between August 9-19, 2023, at an average price of $7,361.

If the tokens were indeed traded as stated, the whale with address 0x312 would have made a profit of $1.171 million, implying a return of +41.6%.

At the time of this writing, Chainlink was trading at $10.27.

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