Macroeconomist Lyn Alden has articulated her stance on preserving the anonymity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, in a series of posts.

“Bitcoin was built as an open source decentralized project to survive regardless of who the creator was,” Alden stated.

Lyn Alden: Secrecy of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Identity Benefits Bitcoin

In a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), Alden emphasized that Nakamoto’s identity holds no significance in determining the ultimate success of Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin was built as an open source decentralized project to survive regardless of who the creator was.”

She further explained that it only adds to the legitimacy of Bitcoins core values.

“The departure and the absence of the creator only made it *more* decentralized since it removed any sort of ultimate authority, and it iterated from there.”

On the other hand, Alden stated that Nakamoto was “remarkable” for publishing the Bitcoin white paper before its launch and for subsequently.

Meanwhile, she commended him not manipulating the market by “spending his own coins for profit,” and had “such a skill” that people have not been able to prove his identity.

Alden highlighted that the comparison of Bitcoin to a religion should not be seen in a negative light:

“People often say Bitcoin is a religion, negatively. But really, parts of it are a religion, or at least a movement. If it gets just 27 million adherents, it’s arguably specific religion #6.”

Alden also indicates that the rumor circulating about Nakamoto’s alleged affiliation with the U.S. National Security Agency may not be as accurate as commonly believed.

“Even if Satoshi is the NSA, people should have evidenced it by now. A man can be killed, embarrassed, or shown to be weak. An idea lives on and becomes a legend or a god. It’s his material that matters.”

BeIncrypto reported on October 18 about Nakamoto’s potential total net worth.

The report highlighted that, with Nakamoto holding a minimum of 1.1 million Bitcoin, his wealth could soar to $100 billion if Bitcoin reaches the industry’s predicted price of $100,000.

At the time of publication, Bitcoin’s price is $30,488.

Bitcoin Price Chart 1 Month. Source: BeInCrypto

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