In a true show of character, Ben Armstrong, formerly known as BitBoy, has tagged both his wife and mistress in a tweet announcing his divorce. In the thread — which was absolutely unnecessary, even for a minor public figure like Armstrong.

Armstrong is apparently committed to making his personal life “less in the public eye,” yet he states that his mistress, ‘Cassie,’ will be joining him regularly on his YouTube channel.

The announcement comes on the heels of a tumultuous few months for the YouTuber-turned-crypto-influencer: Armstrong was arrested in front of a former business partner’s home after showing up unhinged and armed with his mistress in tow, he lost his YouTube channel to the company he helped start, and he purchased the rights to $BEN coin which has been a spectacular failure.

Sometimes in life you make mistakes you can’t undo. Sad to tell you all that @Bethanyliterary and I are getting a divorce. She filed divorce papers to me today.

To get it out of the way so there are no questions, yes, I am with @DuchessOfDeFi.

— Ben Armstrong (@BenArmstrongsX) October 24, 2023

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All this without mentioning that he also accepted over $80,000 in donations from supporters because he had to give up his Lamborghini.

With divorce proceedings sure to begin soon — especially after such a loud and public announcement — it’s likely that Armstrong, who was suggesting he’d lost everything to his former employer, Hit Network, will have about half as much as he has now.

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