In what some are viewing as a major step forward in making Web3 accessible to the traditional sectors, Injective has today announced the launch of Injective Nexus – “Injective’s official blockchain data integration and availability on Google Cloud, one of the leading providers of cloud computing services”.

What is Injective Nexus?

Nexus is designed to constitute a door between the rich caches of core blockchain data from Injective, and the wider developer world. The available datasets are tailored to “various use cases, including building DeFi applications, machine learning and institutional trading strategies”.

In the creation of Nexus, Injective joins the small cohort of major blockchains for which data is offered by Google Cloud’s BigQuery – a list which includes the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to Eric Chen, CEO and co-founder of Injective Labs, “This data collaboration is a major step forward for the Injective ecosystem in continuing to expand its footprint into institutions and traditional finance… The Google Cloud team has played an integral role in the growth of Injective since its inception and this latest collaboration will help to take Web3 as a whole to new heights.”

With regards to the possible use cases of Injective Nexus’ datasets, Injective provides the below non-exhaustive list:

  • Creating new decentralized Web3 finance applications
  • Leveraging on-chain data for artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Customizing machine learning (ML) algorithms
  • Using real-time financial data for institutional trading strategies
  • Ingesting enriched data to power advanced smart contracts

More to Come from Injective and Google…

In tandem with the release of Nexus, Injective and Google Cloud are further partnering to launch the ‘Illuminate Hackathon’, successful contestants for which will receive “technical guidance, mentorship and prizes to help accelerate startups into the next stages of their growth”.

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