In a groundbreaking development, Manta Pacific has become the pioneer in utilizing CelestiaOrg’s innovative Blobstream technology, setting a new standard for Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs). This partnership marks the first instance of an EVM harnessing Blobstream, Celestia’s dedicated data availability (DA) solution, to facilitate a more efficient, trust-minimized ecosystem for Ethereum-based transactions.

Manta Solves High Gas Fees And Limited Throughput

Manta Network announced its strategic collaboration with Celestia, aiming to revolutionize the blockchain space by addressing some of the most pressing issues faced by Ethereum users today: high gas fees and limited throughput.

The integration of Blobstream is particularly noteworthy as it represents a significant leap from the traditional Data Availability Committee (DAC) approach. While DACs have been instrumental in mitigating the exorbitant costs associated with calldata, they inherently require a substantial trust assumption on a select committee of parties. This structure has often been critiqued for its potential centralization risks and vulnerability to collusion.

In contrast, Blobstream optimizes the transaction verification process on Ethereum without imposing these significant trust assumptions. It allows Layer 2 solutions (L2s) direct access to Celestia’s blobspace, enabling them to operate with enhanced security, lower costs, and higher throughput.

Blobstream functions through a Data Availability contract, acting as a lightweight node within the Ethereum network. This system cross-verifies the Electronic Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) signatures from various validators, confirming commitments to Celestia’s data root. It operates under a strict cryptographic protocol whereby a substantial majority of validators must sign off, thereby ensuring the authenticity and security of the transactions.

A standout feature of Blobstream is its measures against non-compliant actors. Validators found guilty of withholding data or generating invalid blocks are identified and subjected to severe penalties. This mechanism not only discourages fraudulent activities but also provides a crypto-economic backbone that reinforces the security of both Blobstream and the subsequent L2s dependent on Celestia’s data availability solutions.

By integrating Blobstream, Manta Pacific underscores its commitment to developing a more accessible, efficient, and secure blockchain environment. This collaboration with CelestiaOrg focuses on modular and zero-knowledge technology.

Blobstream’s Robust Features And Roadmap

The Blobstream L2 bridge contracts are designed to accept roll-up blocks that incorporate blobs relayed by the Blobstream contract as they become available. Any Ethereum bridge contract can seamlessly utilize the Blobstream contract without requiring explicit permission by interfacing with it through the IDAOracle interface.

On the off-chain side, L2 nodes have the capability to both submit and query blobs from Celestia by operating a Celestia light node.

In the context of ZK rollups utilizing Blobstream for data availability (DA), it is essential to establish proof of data inclusion before considering any proof as valid. Typically, this verification occurs by confirming the inclusion proof within the ZK proof submitted to Ethereum.

Optimistic rollups that employ Blobstream for data availability can leverage their existing proof system to optimistically demonstrate inclusion in a Celestia block. They accomplish this by posting only their headers after waiting for the Blobstream commitment to be relayed.

At present, Blobstream confirms the consensus in Celestia by validating ECDSA signatures provided by Celestia validators within the Ethereum contract. This validation process takes place in batches, typically encompassing around 400 blocks, occurring approximately every 100 minutes. It’s important to note that Blobstream is currently active on the Goerli testnet.

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