In a significant move in the digital asset management space, Nuant, a premier figure in Digital Asset Portfolio Management, has joined forces with MSCI Inc., a foremost authority on global investment decision-support tools.

This strategic alliance promises to redefine industry standards by providing institutional entities with an unparalleled depth in digital asset sector classifications, all powered by the MSCI datonomy™, according to the latest information shared with Finbold on October 24.

Resulting from collaborative efforts with esteemed financial entities, Goldman Sachs and Coin Metrics, the MSCI datonomy™ presents a meticulously curated classification system. This addresses the inherent complexities associated with the multifaceted digital asset landscape.

Consequently, digital asset funds and institutional clients leveraging Nuant’s platform will be positioned to gain incisive insights into the digital asset domain, optimizing both their investment strategies and risk mitigation approaches.

Streamlining investment decisions and risk management

Rachid Ajaja, CEO and Founder of Nuant, expressed:

“Our strategic collaboration with MSCI is a testament to Nuant’s commitment to delivering premier solutions. The incorporation of datonomy ensures our clientele receives a nuanced and structured perspective on the digital asset sectors.”

Stephane Mattatia, Global Head of Derivatives Licensing and Thematic Indexes, MSCI, added:

“Global investors are looking for greater transparency and insight into digital assets markets and for ways to meet their high standards for professionalism, scale, risk management, and security. By making the MSCI toolkit available to users of Nuant’s Portfolio Management System, we aim to help provide key datasets to support informed critical investment decisions.”

This technology facilitates the seamless integration of conventional and digital elements within the financial ecosystem, providing institutions worldwide with improved clarity and valuable insights.

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