As part of its strategy to position itself at the forefront of the ZK Rollup-as-a-Service movement, Opside has announced that it’s taken the decision to rebrand itself as “Lumoz”, which is a play on the Latin word “Lumos”, meaning light or brightness.

In a blog post on HackerNoon announcing the change, the Lumoz team explained that they have moved a long way from their initial focus on providing a platform for developers to build and run scalable ZK Rollup networks for their dApps. The project has since grown to encompass an entire ecosystem around Rollapp technology, adding numerous features to facilitate easy deployment and launching various initiatives to popularize the technology.

So, given that the original name “Opside” was a play on the word “Operator”, and that Lumoz is now much more than just an operator, the timing of the rebranding makes a lot of sense, the team said. Add to that, they mentioned that the change will also help to remove confusion, as many people have incorrectly assumed that the team is working on “Optimistic Rollups”, as opposed to ZK Rollups.

Lightspeed Progress

Lumoz is an appropriate name considering it has made such rapid progress this year. The project only launched in 2022 with the mission of accelerating the adoption of ZK-Rollup technology and making it more accessible and user-friendly. Its ZKRaaS offering provides an easy way for developers to create customized zkEVM application chains atop of Layer-1 blockchains that use ZK Rollups to scale their dApps.

Lumoz managed to get its initial, pre-Alpha incentivized testnet up and running in double-quick time, launching at the end of May to enable functional, one-click deployment of zkEVM application chains. It has also launched the ZK-Rollup Launchbase, which makes it possible to effortlessly deploy different types of ZK-Rollups onto different base chains. It has also added support for Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon testnets, and developed modular components such as DA/shared sequencers.

That astonishing progress has been matched by some impressive growth, with Lumoz now counting over 240,000 users, 25,000-odd validators, and more than 100 miners all contributing to its network, while more than 15 customized zkEVM application chains are deployed.

One of its most recent announcements saw it launch the Decentralized Prover Network, allowing it to provide the underlying computational resources for ZKP computations, enabling the projects building on its platform to focus solely on their own operations. In this way, it has significantly reduced the operating costs for teams hoping to implement ZK-Rollup technology.

Another key development was the introduction of Lumoz’s ZKP two-step algorithm, which reduced the minimum CPU and GPU requirements for network miners, who are incentivized to provide this computational power to Lumoz. Looking forward, Lumoz said it will strive to further optimize its algorithm in order to encourage more miners to support its network.

What’s Next For Lumoz?

The remainder of 2023 promises to be a frenetic time for anyone involved in the project, as it has detailed several new targets on its milestone. Before the year is out, it plans to add enhanced functionality to the ZK-Rollup Launchbase platform that was launched just a few months ago. Lumoz explained that the platform only really provides the most basic functionality for developers, and it intends to transform it into something far more comprehensive, with the addition of more modular components at the top of its to-do list.

Further ecosystem expansion is on the menu too, with Lumoz stating it plans to add support for the Scroll, StarkNet, and other networks before the year is out.

Then there are plans in store to grow its ecosystem, which currently numbers almost 100 different crypto projects across segments such as NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi. Lumoz’s team promised it will continue to actively seek new opportunities to collaborate with high-quality projects. As always, the goal with these collaborations is to help projects scale their dApps and grow their user bases to accelerate ZK-Rollups adoption.

Lumoz will also continue to make sure its voice is heard within the wider crypto community with its ongoing participation in key events, hackathons, workshops, and more.

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