The Avalanche blockchain will be integrated by the blockchain horse racing game NEOBRED, according to an announcement. Through the integration, NEOBRED will be able to provide gamers with lightning-fast, inexpensive gaming that offers an excellent web3 gaming experience.

In order to build the quickest stable possible in NEOBRED, players must breed and train their horses. After that, they may race their horses and get rewards for winning in the top ranks. Players may create the ideal horse by choosing horses with advantageous genetic combinations, then train it hard to further improve its qualities.

Following retirement, every NEOBRED horse turns into a GENE that carries on its performance and may be combined with DNA to produce new progeny generations. Some gamers specialize on certain areas like racing, breeding, or training, while others aim for the whole gaming experience. This will help maintain a thriving in-game economy where there is a high demand for the finest horses.

Based on time-to-finality, Avalanche is among the quickest smart contract networks. Its low fee environment is supported by its scalability and throughput, making it one of the most affordable blockchains out there. With these qualities, it is the perfect platform for NEOBRED, which is dedicated to provide its gamers seamless, trade-off-free web3 gaming.

“We are excited to integrate with Avalanche and offer our players a new level of gaming performance and efficiency,” said a spokesperson from NEOBRED. “Avalanche’s speed, scalability, and low costs have the potential to make NEOBRED one of the most enjoyable blockchain horse racing games on the market.”

“We are excited to welcome NEOBRED to the Avalanche ecosystem,” said Ed Chang, Head of Gaming at Ava Labs. “NEOBRED looks like it will take a proven on-chain game model with racing to the next level by improving gameplay.”

NEOBRED is scheduled to release later in 2023’s fourth quarter. Visit the NEOBRED website to learn more about NEOBRED and its integration with Avalanche.

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