XYO is poised for an eventful Q4 2023, marked by the enhancement of developer tools and the introduction of innovative features. While some of their more ambitious endeavors have been postponed to Q1 and Q2 of 2024, the XYO team is resolutely committed to delivering exceptional products and fortifying the foundation of the XYO ecosystem.

In their Q4 roadmap, XYO has unveiled two pivotal features, PermaShare and Live Sharing, designed to enrich the user experience for both players and developers.

PermaShare empowers users to create enduring snapshots of webpages, validated through blockchain cryptography, offering an unaltered source of information in an era rife with digital misinformation and AI. While Live Sharing presents a dynamic means of sharing mutable data, ensuring that shared information remains up-to-date in real-time.
These features are set to play a pivotal role in XYO World (XYOW) and Crypto Cards CCG, which are poised to become integral components of XYO’s decentralized gaming ecosystem.
Furthermore, XYO has plans to launch the XYO Builder Bounty Program in Q1 2024, providing enthusiasts with the opportunity to contribute directly to XYO’s development while earning exclusive rewards.

Now, let’s explore how these initiatives connect with their big-picture goals and the meaningful impact they aim to make in the blockchain and Web3 arena. Get deeper insights into XYO’s evolving journey through our interview Q&A with XYO Network co-founder, Arie Trouw.

Can you share more details about the specific improvements you are focusing on in Q4 2023 to enhance the foundations of XYO’s ecosystem?

A: Right now, we’re focusing on the bedrock features that support the platform and allow developers to create better dApps – namely, PermaShare, Live Sharing, and preparations for 3rd party development with in-depth documentation, guides, and examples.

Permashare is a tool we’ve created to help users share a “permanent” snapshot of a webpage. This could be anything from a funny typo in a news article to a tweet from a world leader – creating a permanent screenshot of anything you’d like to preserve. It can be easily shared with others but never altered or deleted.
“In many ways, Permashare is like the next evolution of the Wayback Machine – a popular internet archiving tool.”

Arie Trouw, Co-founder of XYO Network
Unlike the Wayback Machine, Permashare captures all elements of a webpage, including the images. Permashare also leverages advanced cryptography to mathematically prove that a screenshot hasn’t been altered, and is an accurate record of history.

Live Sharing, on the other hand, is sort of the inverse of Permashare. It also allows you to create a snapshot of data, but instead of preserving the data at the moment it was captured, the snapshot updates dynamically to always show current information. It’s easy to see the applications of this technology, particularly in Web3, whether it be a link to an NFT collection that always stays up to date, a price chart that auto-updates, or a gaming profile that always reflects your high score.

Additionally, Live Share allows you to look at the previous versions of the data with a cryptographic audit trail (XYO Proof of Origin Chain). We talk about these as foundational features because it’s easy to see how they will come into play down the road as we release future projects such as our Crypto Cards CCG, letting users more seamlessly share and compare their data.

Could you elaborate on how these features will benefit users and developers within the XYO ecosystem and what opportunities they create for third-party projects?

A: We’re releasing Permashare as both a feature of the XYO Platform and a standalone project, largely because we see its potential as a valuable internet archiving tool. Third-party projects will be able to implement and start using the feature immediately.
“The idea of a provably correct screenshot is a pretty crazy concept, and I’m sure developers will waste no time finding innovative use cases for it. It’s one of those features that can really make a product feel like magic.”

Arie Trouw, Co-founder of XYO Network
I’m also excited to see how the tool makes its way into internet discourse. We’re very used to doctored headlines and not believing the screenshots we see on social media – imagine how useful a definitively accurate screenshot could be in internet debates.

Live Sharing will be incorporated into the XYO platform as a feature, rather than as a standalone product, but is key to allowing our developers to replicate traditional Web2 sharing features in a more privacy and data sovereignty-preserving way.

Live Sharing is the fundamental technology that PermaShare is built on. Think of creating a video but locking the viewer on a specific frame.

Can you provide insights into how community members can actively contribute to XYO’s development and what kind of impact you hope this program will have on the future of XYO?

A: As a developer myself, XYO values its developers – they play a key role in the success of our protocol, contributing to its eventual optimization of other dApps and tools that fold into our goal of data sovereignty. The Bounty Program will be a coalescence of our upcoming dev efforts, including the publishing of materials documenting our tech for devs to replicate, iterate, and improve the XYO ecosystem.

We’re also focused on debugging explore.xyo.network & node.xyo.network to make building and payloading easier than ever. We’re enhancing the visualizer, introducing more module renderers to better visualize projects, and some UX improvements like better navigation, uniform icons, and other enhancements for a simpler and clearer user experience.
“While our team is still working on Bounty Program plans, we’re making crucial strides in supporting the future of XYO – we want to activate around our impassioned community and get them building something together that truly matters.”

Arie Trouw, Co-founder of XYO Network
The areas where developers will be able to contribute range from creating their own XYO based dApps, to integrating XYO features into existing Web2/Web3 projects, to making actual contributions to the XYO Platform, either through the creation of new modules or creating pull-requests for existing open-source code.

As you reflect on the journey of XYO throughout 2023 and the strategic decisions to delay certain projects, how would you describe your overall perspective on the year?

A: This year has brought more clarity around who XYO wants to be as it grows up in the blockchain world: A revolutionary Web3 platform based on Sovereign data and technology rather than consensus-based shared ledgers.

We were previously focused on geolocation data, and while this is still a part of our story, XYO is looking to develop more all-encompassing solutions for user data to create a more accessible and functional Web3 experience for everyone. As we have developed solutions using our own platform, we continue to find places where we can improve the XYO Platform itself.
“The balance is always a choice between investing time and effort in the core technology and those solutions, and in 2023, we chose to focus on the core technology when these decisions were made.”

Arie Trouw, Co-founder of XYO Network
As the platform matures, this will have huge long-term benefits. In 2024, we expect to shift that balance towards dApps and solutions but our commitment to perfection of the XYO Platform itself will never be ignored.

The reality is that people’s digital footprint isn’t entirely theirs – relying on third parties means surrendering ownership. And while blockchain emerges as a solution, it’s much more complicated than that – hard forks, hacks, and even upgradable contracts have threatened ownership.

Through XYO, we want your data to remain forever yours. Our tools like Foreventory have emphasized this future, and we plan to continually roll more through 2023 and into 2024.

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