Chiliz, a blockchain platform known for its fan tokens, has launched the Chiliz Chain ecosystem.

With the tagline “SportFi for Everyone,” the ecosystem is on a mission to integrate blockchain technology into the sports and entertainment industry like never before. Opening up this ecosystem promises to remove barriers for developers and open the door to a new era of fan-made apps and innovative solutions.

The Chiliz Chain ecosystem is designed to stimulate innovation and creativity in the blockchain space. By removing control barriers, developers can now create unique fan-centric experiences, explore innovation, and experiment without limits.

The ecosystem aims to bring together stakeholders in the sports and entertainment industry, offering industry support for the ecosystem and maintaining brand intellectual property and the integrity of project use cases.

In February, Chiliz announced the successful confirmation of the genesis block of the EVM-compatible L1 blockchain. Chiliz Chain 2.0 will allow fans to purchase NFT tickets to matches and CHZ holders to receive rewards for staking. Developers will be able to issue fan tokens on the blockchain in accordance with the flexible Chiliz Advancement Proposal (CAP-20) standard.

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