Decentraland Foundation executive director Yemel Jardi shared in a recent interview that his organization is working on building a virtual world with its creative users. According to him, the creation would be AI-powered, which is a crucial tool for powering the creators.

.@Decentraland Foundation executive director @yemeljardi shares insights into the AI World Fair, exploring the opportunities of AI innovation in the metaverse and the outlook for mainstream adoption.

— CoinDesk (@CoinDesk) October 26, 2023

Jardi revealed this in an interactive session while speaking about the upcoming AI World Fair. According to him, Decentraland is witnessing an influx of participants from different parts of the world, including the United States, Germany, and India.

The Decentraland director expressed excitement about the technologies compatible with their development, such as AI NPCs that could facilitate interactions in the virtual world. He also revealed their interest in algorithms that allow users to generate 3D models to create virtual experiences.

The executive director explained that the Decentraland project goes beyond just virtual real estate. He expressed his belief that we are in the era of the creators, as stated in the company’s manifesto for this year. Hence, their focus is on enabling creators to express their creativity. He noted that his organization has released several features that enable NFT creation, emphasizing that all digital assets on Decentraland are backed by NFTs.

The Decentraland boss explained using examples of creators who may want to customize their items. Jardi noted that the project has released features that make such items more expressive, in addition to other features that enable users to have their private lands in the form of ENS domains.

With the ENS domain feature, Jardi noted that the gate is now open for members of the ENS community to enter the Decentraland ecosystem and create something new. He described it as an experiment on interoperability, in addition to providing more utility for ENS NFTs.

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