Recently, a Polish trade, Rafał Zaorski, has again caused much controversy on the X (Twitter) social media platform. Zaorski believes that Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent price movements are most likely not the beginning of a bull market. Hence, the investor expects further declines in the coming months.

A few years ago, Rafał Zaorski became known as the “leading speculator” in Poland. How did he achieve this? He openly showed how he was earning millions on the financial market. In the Polish trading community, he has both loyal supporters and critics.

Rafał Zaorski Short on Bitcoin

When Rafał Zaorski, considered one of the most influential Polish traders in the cryptocurrency market, published his comment on Bitcoin on the X platform, the Polish crypto community became very active. Over the last few days, the eyes of digital asset enthusiasts have been mainly focused on the Bitcoin spot ETF. Many market observers strongly believe that the recent increase to $35,000 is due to a positive spot ETF decision.

Rafał Zaorski, however, has a different opinion in this regard and opens a short position. Therefore, a Polish stock trader assumes that the price of Bitcoin will fall. Moreover, he believes that it will happen quite soon. He suggests this will happen in the near future and intends to evaluate his decision in more than two months.

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Rafal Zaorski shorts Bitcoin. Source: X (Twitter)

Shortly after the controversial post about Bitcoin, Zaorski shared another comment that further ignited the discussion among the crypto community.

“Don’t delete my comments under the last post at #short at #bitcoin 33800 #btc … because I want to laugh at the “specialists” during the weekend,” he wrote.

Users will certainly remember Zaorski’s predictions and follow the value of digital gold. It is also worth recalling that in April this year, a stock speculator predicted a drop in USD/PLN to around PLN 4 by the end of the year. At the moment, however, the Polish zloty is oscillating around the price from the beginning of the second quarter.

Do Polish crypto influencers have a different attitude to the price of Bitcoin than Zaorski? Some certainly do.

Phil Konieczny Believes in Cyclicality

Phil Konieczny posted an optimistic post on the X platform when Bitcoin crossed $30,000. According to Konieczny, the key to understanding the current situation is the fact that “the market remains cyclical.” This proves that the cryptocurrency world is still following certain patterns and directions that were visible before.

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Additionally, Konieczny emphasized that we have only 185 days until the next halving, i.e., a reduction in supply. Is this one of the key factors for future growth?

In the past, after each such supply restriction, the value of the cryptocurrency steadily increased. Konieczny also points out that in the long run, Bitcoin, starting from its lowest values, looks much better than many other cryptocurrencies (altcoins). Although we can see rapid jumps in the value of Bitcoin in a short period of time, its growth compared to other cryptocurrencies is still impressive.

In the latest entry, the Polish crypto expert notes that greed does not pay in the market, and finding the lowest low is a big challenge. He formulated his opinion on this matter as follows:

I wrote this post to make those greedy people aware that it is not worth waiting for 8, 10 or 12k. This was said to be cyclical, temporal, and percentage declines. The day after it started to grow. Many people criticized me, some of them have already deleted their comments. So I have a question. Are you still waiting for the 10k?

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