Major market analyst, trader and podcaster, who calls himself “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Scott Melker believes he has spotted “bottom signals everywhere” for the second largest meme coins in terms of market capitalization value – Shiba Inu (SHIB).

His assessments on the chart he presented seem to be based on the Alpha Trend Indicator, which shows definitive buy or sell signals, depending on the market situation the asset in question is in.

This time, Melker wrote, he spotted every possible bottom signal on this chart for Shiba Inu.


Bottom signals everywhere. I have been extensively testing @Tradingalpha_ indicators. This shows the bottoming Bs, the clear switch to green dots, a move above the track line AND the big fat green arrow.

Every bottom signals I can find.

— The Wolf Of All Streets (@scottmelker) October 26, 2023

Still, when one of his 914,100 followers tweeted that the community should not “buy this guy’s SHIB bags,” Melker stated in response: “I will buy yours, gladly,” showing that he is prepared to expand his Shiba Inu holdings as the coin, he believes, is about to take a dive.

I will buy yours, gladly.

— The Wolf Of All Streets (@scottmelker) October 26, 2023

Shibarium teams up with RSTLSS digital merch platform

Earlier this week, it was reported that the SHIB team struck a partnership with major UGC creator platform RSTLSS. This platform builds “next-gen wearables” for Web3, gaming, IRL – (both outside and inside virtual reality and games) and other similar spheres.

RSTLSS provides an opportunity to brands, artists and various influencers to make and sell their own digital merchandise – wearables, various accessories and things that can be uploaded onto avatars, and to do it on a cross-platform basis. It creates its own crypto-native brands and shifts traditional IPs into the metaverse by means of curated NFT wearable drops.

This company, once created by pioneer of digital fashion Charli Cohen, will begin utilizing Shibarium Layer-2 solution built by the SHIB team to run its platform. Such a move will enable the expansion of its offerings, and it will start producing physical clothing based on designs related to the metaverse. Speaking of this, Shibarium is the basis for its own SHIB Metaverse, which is currently being developed by the team lead by Shytoshi Kusama.

This pseudonymous lead dev stated that RSTLSS is a perfect partner for Shibarium. Apart from other prominent partners of RSTLSS are large game creators, like Epic, Roblox and Ubisoft.

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