A recent data sheet provided by Michael Saylor, a renowned advocate for Bitcoin and the CEO of MicroStrategy, further underscores the dominance of digital gold over other assets.

A meticulous glance at the asset class total returns sheet, spanning from 2011 to 2023, showcases Bitcoin’s exceptional performance. In almost every year since 2011, Bitcoin has outperformed other traditional investment vehicles. While there have been moments of volatility and dips in the crypto market, BTC has showcased resilience and an upward trajectory that no other asset class can parallel.


Its cumulative return from 2011-2023 is a jaw-dropping 1,120,785%, with an annualized return of 147.5%. These numbers are staggering, especially when compared to other asset classes like the U.S. Nasdaq 100 or U.S. Large Caps, which, though solid performers, lag significantly behind Bitcoin’s return rate.

There is no second best. #Bitcoin pic.twitter.com/f0NvBdZrdf

— Michael Saylor⚡️ (@saylor) October 28, 2023

Another insightful dimension to this conversation is MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin portfolio. From the provided tracker, it is evident that MicroStrategy, under Saylor’s leadership, has been bullish on Bitcoin. The firm’s current holdings stand at an impressive 158,245 BTC, valued at approximately $5.43 billion. Their portfolio indicates strategic purchases, capitalizing on Bitcoin’s dips, and subsequently leveraging its surges. Such a sizable investment from a major institution serves as testament to the increasing faith in Bitcoin’s long-term potential and its role as a store of value.

The data also depicts MicroStrategy’s approach to Bitcoin as one of consistent accumulation. The green purchase markers on the graph illustrate a pattern of buying the dips, signifying a long-term bullish stance on the cryptocurrency. This conviction in Bitcoin is further reflected in the company’s total dollar cost average and the present market price of Bitcoin, indicating healthy returns on their investments.

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