The 4th Tbilisi Silk Road Forum concluded on Oct. 27 after two days of discussions on the future of fintech, cryptocurrencies and global connectivity.

A highlight of the event was a panel featuring Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of leading crypto exchange Bybit. According to an announcement shared with, speaking before an audience of over 2,000 attendees from more than 60 countries, Zhou shared insights on Bybit’s strategic approach to new jurisdictions.

Zhou explained that Bybit looks at regulatory structure, proximity to central banks, local talent pools and favorable policies when deciding where to operate. He also suggested Georgia could become a regional hub for Bybit, citing the country’s supportive central bank and regulatory environment.

On the topic of trust in cryptocurrencies, Zhou reflected on the industry’s remarkable growth over the last five years, as concepts like decentralized finance and NFTs have gone mainstream. Zhou claimed crypto is now a trusted asset class, especially in countries with unstable financial systems. People use platforms like Bybit not just for trading, but for secure banking services like exchanging fiat for crypto and earning yields on holdings.

Security remains a priority, and Zhou noted Bybit’s perfect record — no outages or breaches since launching in 2018, a differentiator for the company in an industry fraught with cyberattacks. In his closing remarks, Zhou articulated Bybit’s ethos as an infrastructure provider building bridges to the Web3 future.

Our mission is to empower individuals, businesses, and economies to thrive in this dynamic landscape. We don’t build the city, but we take people to the city, where the limitless potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency awaits.

Ben Zhou

The wider forum focused on supply chains, logistics, connectivity and transportation infrastructure investment. It convened leaders in government, finance and diplomacy to discuss shaping regional and global trade.

Georgia’s acting Central Bank Governor and the CEO of 500 Global were among the other prominent speakers at the event.

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