• Litecoin remains technically positive across short, medium, and long-term analyses.
  • Consistent positive volume balance hints at strong buy sentiments.
  • “The currency is overall assessed as technically positive for the short term,” says the recent evaluation.

Despite experiencing fluctuations, Litecoin’s underlying technical indicators consistently project a bullish stance for the near future, bolstered by positive volume balances and trend analyses.

Short-Term Perspective: Uncertainty with a Positive Tilt

Litecoin currently oscillates within a horizontal trend channel in the short term, reflecting investor uncertainty. The currency’s proximity to the 68.00 support point is a pivotal moment. A successful bounce-back from this level could instigate bullish sentiments, while breaching below might raise alarms. Encouragingly, historical volume data — high at price peaks and low at troughs — coupled with a favorable volume balance, points toward an impending upward breakout. Moreover, a rising RSI trend signifies potential bullish momentum, making the short-term outlook appear promising with a recommendation score of 62.

Medium-Term Analysis: Indicators Echoing Bullish Sentiments


Mirroring its short-term behavior, Litecoin in the medium-term remains ensconced within a horizontal channel, signaling investor hesitancy. Notably, the currency’s breach of the 67.82 resistance — spurred by a double bottom formation — suggests a potential rally to the 75.70 mark. Given the established support at 63.00 and resistance at 78.00, coupled with consistent positive volume patterns, there’s a strong inclination for an upward move. Summarily, the medium-term outlook for Litecoin is decidedly optimistic, mirrored by a recommendation score of 79.

Long-Term View: A Shift Towards Horizontal Development?

From a long-term perspective, Litecoin’s break from its rising trend channel suggests a potential shift towards a more gradual or horizontal trajectory. Nevertheless, its subtle break above the 65.00 resistance level paints a promising picture. The consistent positive volume balance further amplifies these bullish tendencies. Thus, despite the altered trend channel, Litecoin’s long-term technical assessment leans positive, reinforced by a recommendation score of 86.

Comprehensive Evaluation: Unanimously Bullish

Aggregating the individual time frame analyses, Litecoin exudes bullish sentiments across the board. A consolidated recommendation for a span of one to six months is positive, evidenced by a score of 87. Recent statistical insights further underline this bullish stance:

  • 1 day: With a liquidity of 129.60, there’s a gain of +1.46% despite a -2.68% volatility.
  • 5 days: Liquidity stands at 178.64, marking a slight dip of -1.75%, with a volatility of 9.28%.
  • 22 days: Achieving a +3.66% gain with a liquidity of 151.03, despite a 25.34% volatility.
  • 66 days: Remarkably, there’s a significant gain of +6.48% with a liquidity of 91.27 amidst a volatility of 51.51%.


Litecoin’s technical indicators, as of 30 OCT 2023, project an overwhelmingly bullish sentiment across all considered time frames. For investors, this suggests an opportune moment to assess their positions. While the technical data leans positive, it remains paramount for investors to consider all facets of the market, ensuring a holistic decision-making process in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

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