• The true bull market for Bitcoin hasn’t commenced yet.
  • Current signs potentially indicate the start of a “pre-bull” phase, characterized by sideways movement.
  • The much-anticipated golden bull is likely to begin a few months post-April.
  • Market players must tread cautiously, given potential distractions like BlackRock and ETF news.

Bitcoin’s volatility is both its allure and its bane. For many investors, the digital currency’s price movements can be a roller coaster of emotions. Yet, for those who have been observing closely, the narrative seems clear: the real bull market is still on the horizon.

There’s increasing chatter in the crypto community about the emergence of a “pre-bull” phase. For the uninitiated, this is essentially a period of relatively sideways movement, acting as a precursor to a potentially explosive bull run. If this analysis holds true, the crypto market is currently in this pre-bull state.

The real bull has not started yet

Best option is that pre bull started, pray for it

Pre bull means sideway movement before bull

The golden bull will start 2-3 months after April

Dont get tricked by BlackRock and ETF news

What you see now, is not the start of the bull

— Doctor Profit 🇨🇭 (@DrProfitCrypto) October 29, 2023

What’s driving such conclusions? A deeper dive reveals that the golden bull, the period of significant upward movement, is likely to make its entrance 2-3 months after April. This projection is based on historical data, market sentiment, and the intricate dance between demand and supply.

Yet, in this digital age of information overload, there are distractions. Significant entities like BlackRock and a swirl of news around ETFs have the potential to cloud judgment and mislead investors. While these can have genuine implications on the market, it’s crucial to discern the transient from the foundational. The recent spikes and troughs, though noteworthy, aren’t indicative of the commencement of the true bull phase.

In summary, the crypto market, especially Bitcoin, is on the cusp of significant movement. However, the dance has only just begun. The curtain-raiser, the pre-bull, is potentially in play, setting the stage for the main act that’s yet to come. Investors are advised to keep a vigilant eye, do their own research, and avoid getting swayed by the cacophony of market noise.

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