• FTX and Alameda are reported to have moved almost $80 million in crypto this week.
  • Blockchain analytics firms, Nansen and Lookonchain, disclosed the massive transfers.
  • The purpose behind these transactions amidst FTX’s bankruptcy remains unclear.

Delve deep into the unfolding saga of FTX and Alameda’s significant crypto transfers, as recent on-chain data reveals almost $80 million in movements, leaving the crypto community buzzing with speculations.

FTX and Alameda’s Sudden Crypto Shuffle

In a revelation that has taken the crypto community by storm, wallet addresses associated with the now insolvent FTX exchange and Alameda Research have reportedly been moving large sums of cryptocurrency. The transfers, initially spotlighted by Nansen, showed transactions surpassing $60 million. However, recent on-chain findings indicate that the figures have surged closer to the $80 million mark.

Nansen’s Initial Unveiling of the Transfers

Nansen, a renowned blockchain analytics entity, raised eyebrows on October 27 when it reported extensive digital asset transfers from FTX. Notable movements included an array of digital currencies like Chainlink, Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon, to mention a few. Earlier traces from Nansen pointed towards an $8.6 million transfer to Binance. But the latest data shows that FTX moved assets amounting to a staggering $60 million, including a hefty transfer of 943,000 SOL from its cold storage.

Lookonchain Adds to the Narrative

A day after Nansen’s disclosure, another blockchain data firm, Lookonchain, chipped in with its findings. As per their report on October 28, FTX and Alameda shifted an additional crypto stash worth $20 million. This new data takes the total transfers for the week to an astonishing $78.7 million, fueling further speculations in the crypto sphere.

What’s Behind These Massive Moves?

The intent behind these enormous crypto transfers remains a puzzle, especially given the backdrop of FTX’s ongoing bankruptcy saga. Questions arise regarding its connection to the exchange’s bankruptcy procedures, especially after FTX’s recent $122 million Solana token stake. Additionally, the exchange’s ongoing Chapter 11 case and its proposal to reimburse customers adds to the intrigue. With FTX’s former CEO, Sam-Bankman Fried, facing fraud-related charges, these transfers’ timing seems all the more significant.


As the crypto community and stakeholders keenly watch, the tale of FTX and Alameda’s substantial crypto transfers continues to be a focal point of discussions. While the reasons remain uncertain, these movements offer a glimpse into the intricate webs woven within the crypto industry, emphasizing the need for transparency and vigilant monitoring in the fast-paced world of digital assets.

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