Etherfuse, a platform attempting to improve decentralized blockchain infrastructure, unveiled ‘Stablebond’ at Solana’s breakpoint conference in Amsterdam, a tokenized bond offering, to retail investors in Mexico.

The firm is targeting Mexico as it is the second largest bond market in Latin America, after Brazil, according to the company’s research. The market is also one of the most liquid in Latin America, with $623 billion in outstanding debt and an average daily trading volume of $200 million, the research added.

The majority of trading volume in Mexico comes from institutions, governments and foreign investors, according to a press release from Etherfuse, presenting a lack of retail investors or individuals investing in bonds.

With just 2% of bondholders being Mexican, Etherfuse is attempting to change this by offering up Stablebonds to retail investors.

Stablebonds are built on Solana and are backed by the Mexican Government, according to the press release.

This comes as tokenizing real-world assets becomes increasingly popular. According to real-world asset (RWA) monitoring platform, the tokenized Treasury market has surged to $698 million as of Monday from around $100 million at the start of the year.

“Stablebonds mark an evolution of investment solutions,” said Dave Taylor, CEO and co-founder of Etherfuse, in the statement. “By marrying the traditional world of bonds with the innovation of blockchain technology, we are creating a secure and transparent tool for investors and are adding further stability to DeFi and blockchain products,” he added.

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