In a rather surprising development, US SEC Chairman Gary Gensler celebrated the anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto’s publication of the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

In the USA, where Halloween is currently celebrated, Gensler included this in his Bitcoin celebration and made a joke that if Satoshi Nakamoto disguised himself as Satoshi Nakamoto for Halloween, no one would understand it.

Continuing his statement, Gensler congratulated Satoshi Nakamoto for launching the cryptocurrency technology by publishing the famous Bitcoin Whitepaper.

However, the SEC chairman continued to make some criticisms of the cryptocurrency industry, as always. In his statement, he argued that cryptocurrency companies that deceive investors should stop this behavior and serve their customers in compliance with securities laws.

The Whitepaper document, in which Nakamoto first explained the technical features of BTC and introduced it to the world, was shared 17 years ago.

It is known that SEC chairman Gary Gensler thinks that, unlike other cryptocurrencies, BTC is not a security.

*This is not investment advice.

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