• VeChain’s native cryptocurrency, VET, has been integrated into Coinbase’s learning program, allowing users to earn free VET tokens.
  • Coinbase’s listing of VTHO alongside VET further highlights the growing importance of supply chain management across industries.

VeChain, the enterprise-grade Layer-1 smart contract platform has its native cryptocurrency VET, now become part of the Coinbase learning program. Crypto exchange Coinbase rewards users in exchange for learning the basics about certain cryptocurrencies, usually by watching short videos.

Coinbase offers educational tutorials that delve into the world of different cryptocurrencies. Upon completing each tutorial, participants are given a straightforward quiz designed to gauge their comprehension of the subject matter. Earn cryptocurrency with every successfully completed quiz, as Coinbase deposits the reward into your account.

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— Sunny LU @vechain (@sunshinelu24) October 25, 2023

VeChain now becoming part of the Coinbase learning program will further increase the awareness regarding the blockchain platform. Additionally, users can also earn free VET tokens by learning about VeChain through the Coinbase learning program.

VeChain stands as a specialized blockchain platform dedicated to streamlining supply chain management and the oversight of enterprise business operations. Within this network, two distinct tokens play pivotal roles: VET Coin (VET) and VeThor (VTHO). VET facilitates transaction settlements within smart contracts, while VTHO serves as the token for covering gas fees associated with network transactions.

Coinbase’s involvement with VeChain underscores the increasing significance of supply chain management across diverse industries. Through blockchain technology, companies can effectively monitor the origins and journeys of their products, enhancing transparency and bolstering consumer confidence.

The latest announcement comes following Coinbase’s announcement of listing the VeChain (VET) tokens on its platform.

VeChain and Recent Developments

Launched in 2015, VeChain employs a distinctive dual-token system. In this framework, VET functions as the primary token for executing value transfers throughout the network. Conversely, VTHO serves as the secondary token, traditionally utilized to cover transaction fees within the network. With its recent addition to Coinbase, VTHO can now be traded alongside VET.

Notably, VET plays a pivotal role in the future of blockchain markets by facilitating transactions and supporting smart contracts. Holders of VET gain access to an array of services and features, including the potential to earn rewards through staking and participation in VeChain network operations. As a result, VET users can actively engage in the platform’s governance and decision-making processes.

VeChain has not only gained attention through its listing on Coinbase but has also introduced a groundbreaking upgrade to VORJ, a pioneering Web3-as-a-Service platform. This enhancement is set to democratize the world of blockchain.

With this upgrade, VORJ now enables individuals to easily create, deploy, and manage smart contracts on the VechainThor blockchain. The new feature allows users to mint up to 5,000 NFTs on VORJ each month at no cost, eliminating the need for complex blockchain coding. Users can swiftly deploy NFTs to a marketplace within minutes. Additionally, VORJ’s collaboration with World Of V provides direct NFT marketplace integration, making the process even more user-friendly.

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