MultiversX has teased its upcoming product, xAI, to the community, highlighting that it will tentatively be rolled out in the next month. What xAI does is pretty amazing, bringing a blend of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. It has been designed to assist users in the world of Web3.

Per MultiversX, the product will enable developers to make a transition from Web2 to Web3. It leverages the potential of blockchain technology, wherein it displays the ability to learn at every stage. This includes learning new terms, concepts, and tech slang, among others. Artificial intelligence aims to eliminate the barrier of going through a large amount of data that is present on the Internet. Meaning it attempts to make it easier for users to tap into the large pool of knowledge in the world.

xAI has been constructed with the help of tens of developers as an open-source platform. All the builders of xAI hail from the official Builders Discord server.

The product is being tested at the moment, with team members pushing the boundaries to ensure the functions are working as usual. Also, they are looking to make sure that it can handle requests in large numbers. Feedback will be shared, and improvements will be made based on the experience in the testing phase. Once ready, the full version will be launched for the public in the next month.

xAI has been designed to serve select purposes in the initial stage. This includes:

  • Creating readme files
  • Answering questions about MultiversX
  • Integrating tests for smart contracts & generating unit
  • Explaining smart contracts or helping to review code

MultiversX has called xAI an important addition to its ecosystem, further stating that it will become a core part of the system in the days to come.

Moreover, every application that emerges as an innovation on the network will have the option to integrate the product into its platform. This will not just boost adoption but also look into aspects of the transition from Web2 to Web3. Applications integrating xAI into their systems will have the facility to access basic information, support, and tools for their users.

Current development follows the introduction of the Governance Forum, marking a major checkpoint on the MultiversX Network. It has been defined as a progressive decentralized platform, a major part of the ever-growing ecosystem of MultiversX. It is based on Agora and a voting portal. Users who have staked at least 1 EGLD from the wallet are eligible to log in to Agora.

Current trends indicate that Artificial Intelligence is gaining traction, with each platform attempting to maximize what it has to offer. When cryptocurrencies became a part of everyone’s lives, blockchain technology received immediate attention. Even though the technology existed prior to the explosion of digital assets on the Internet, blockchain is only now being pushed to its creative limits.

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